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Dentistry Has Finally Caught Up To Technology

Our Mission

Increase the engagement and compliance of patients throughout their orthodontic journey

Smart Retainer Case


Cases designed and engineered in the United States using medical grade plastic with a modern and durable design.

Machine learning Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Information of Technology (IOT) platform

Wireless Fidelity (WIFI) gateway

Range up to two-hundred feet

Smart Case + My Tooth Case Mobile App

Our patent pending Smart Dental Case pairs perfectly with our free My Tooth Case  mobile application for Androids and IOS phones.

Mobile notifications ONLY when you forget to wear your retainer

Track weekly and monthly compliance

Parent and Doctor access to tracking reports

Add multiple Smart Cases to the mobile app

Discounts and reward points earned when compliant

Consumer Benefits

Orthodontic treatment is one of the largest out-of-pocket expenses that families face and the longevity of success is largely in the hands of minors. 

Did You Know?

Healthy bites decrease the chances of excess wear or chips in your teeth

Teeth can shift in as little of two days. MyToothCase can identify if the patient is becoming a risk of becoming non-compliant and can help mitigate the risk of starting treatment over

Parental controls for patients that are minors

Lost the retainer? We help order a replacement

An estimated 80% of the current 4.5M patients are kids between the ages of 6-18 years old.

After twelve months, retainer compliance is only 47.8%

Dental Professionals

We partner with dental professionals and provide the resources to ensure your patients are compliant throughout their orthodontic journey. There is no risk to working with us, just the upside of happy patients!

Access to monthly patient data compliance reports

Automatic mobile system that finds out why patients are non-compliant if more than seven consecutive days without use

Notifies Doctors to reorder retainer if lost without setting up an office visit or new digital scan

"It's like an insurance policy for your beautiful smile you invested so much time and money in." - Dr. Cinthia Funes, DMD

let us be your nighttime for a lifetime!